Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Who would be the audience for your media product?

The audience for my media product would be young adults and teenagers, between the ages of 14-24, which was discovered through asking the people who completed my surveys age. I found the social classes to be A, B, C1 and C2 as although the information is adapted for younger people, the information is suitable for everyone. The target audience would be people who support online campaigns as opposed to face-to-face campaigns, such as visiting a clinic; this was again discovered through my survey.

The target audience would be very sociable people, as when asked ‘what do you mostly use the internet for’, 67% used the Internet for socializing. This suits the representation present on the website of the people being very hedonistic, and always seeking a good time with their friends.

I also found that my audience would be most likely to confide in a friend, (70%), again supporting the idea that they are hedonistic as they are always out with their friends and that they have a very close social friendship group.

Additionally, from my own observation I found that my audience would be people who are worried about their sexual health and seeking reassurance without being caused to have unnecessary panic by convincing the person that they have something they don’t. The information on my website is very calming, and tries to offer ways to protect and prevent and further ways to reassure yourself if you’re still worried, by visiting a clinic/doctor, this is suited to the audience as it provides them with what they want to see and hear.

In conclusion, my target audience would be people that are interested in having a good time, but also want to be safe. I found the people to not want to be ordered what to do, but rather suggested ways in which they can feel at ease and be helped.

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