Tuesday, 13 December 2011

What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?

As my media product is an online campaign, it would be distributed online via a computer. In my early stages of research I researched into web hosting, and domain name registration, these are needed to distribute my website so it was important that I researched them. There are many different types of web hosting online, when researching I found a cheap hosting server that I would like to use to distribute my product, www.justhost.com. This had suitable facilities and was very affordable as prices started as cheap as £1.95.

After considering a using a free host website to distribute my media product, I decided that I would use a paid host due to the services offered were greater than that of a free host, and means that I would be able to include greater amounts of information, such as videos, images, and text, for just a small fee once a month.

This fee would entitle me to use a space on the server, which would distribute my website to the world wide web (Www). However before my website would be accessible I would need to purchase a domain name. I looked at many different websites that sell domain names, the prices ranged depending on the website, and the ending, for example, if the website is .com or .co.uk or .net.

Therefore, by purchasing a domain name, and web hosting, I would be able to upload my website to the Internet, and distribute it to other Internet users within my target audience. The internet is the fastest growing form of communication, so if I did choose to distribute my media product through this institution it would be more likely to be successful than if it were through a newspaper or magazine.

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