Friday, 16 December 2011

How did you attract/address your audience?

Attracting and addressing my audience was one of the most important parts of my site, as if the site is not attracting and doesn’t address the audience they would be unlikely to use the information and advice. There is many ways that I attracted and addressed the audience and kept them engaged.

Firstly I used a bright coloured background, made up of green, pink, blue, white, yellow and orange. This would appeal to the audience as it is not dull and boring like the other websites that I looked at, bright colours are also usually associated with fun, and I wanted to represent my audience, as these are people that have fun regularly. The connotation of fun also takes the seriousness away from sexual health, and makes it seem that it is something that everyone worries about, and everyone can associate with. It makes the text look less plain as it is not on just a plain background, and makes the audience more likely to read and pay attention to all the information rather than just reading over it briefly.

Additionally, the typography on the page uses different sizes, so that the information is easier to read, than very small tiny writing that would disappear amongst the pictures included on the page. The typography is the main source of information on the page, as the pictures are mainly used to separate the information, so it is important that the typography stands out. I used mostly basic words that would appeal to the wider demographic so that they would understand what was meant and not loose interest, although the correct medical terms were used when needed to maintain an aspect of professionalism.

The words were positioned on the page amongst pictures so that they were less bulky and helped to break them down and could be taken in better. The pictures used could attract the audience as they showed people having fun, and added a less serious side to sexual health. One serious photo was used to reinforce the idea, that you must be careful. This photo was made to represent a child talking to their parent about sexual health.

I feel that my site does attract and address the audience, as it is very interesting and relaxed, however I feel that the text on the page could be separated up so that it is in bullet points or chunks, so that the audience can engage with it better.

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