Sunday, 27 November 2011


I created a banner to include on my website. I did this through photoshop, and felt that it would help to promote the 'Stay Safe' message. The first banner I did was just a black banner with blue text saying 'Stay safe'.

The second banner I created was using the original banner but included a yellow paint splat, I chose not too use the one with paint splat because the background had already used paint splats and I felt that it became too much.

Friday, 25 November 2011

Background Design.

I wanted a background that was bright and appealing to my audience, as I felt that the layouts, background and colour schemes were very dull on the other websites that I looked at. I chose to challenge this convention as this would make my site more appealing and give me a potential advantage over these other sites.

I created this background using Photoshop. I downloaded a pack called 'Paint Splats' and added different colour 'splats' onto a black background.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

'Sex and You' Title.

This is the site title that I created for my website. I created this using Photoshop and feel that the font style is very appealing to my target audience, as is the colour as it is not very gender specific and can appeal to a wide range of people.

Monday, 21 November 2011

Main Site Sketches

After planning and making my preliminary site, it was now time to begin development on my main site, I planned my main site before I began work on it, so that I knew what I was doing and how to lay everything out. Below are the sketches that I drew for my site.

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Preliminary Site Sketches

Now it was time to make the preliminary site, I sketched out my preliminary site before I made it, so that I had an idea of what I was creating, and how I was laying everything out.

Main Page:

Media Page:

Friday, 11 November 2011

Survey Findings

These are my findings that I have found from conducting my survey.

Thirty people were surveyed. The ages of which were between 14-24, with the majority between 16 and 18. This therefore gives me a target audience of mainly teenagers, as only two of the thirty surveyed were in their twenties.

The results for gender showed that around 65% of people who took the survey were female, with just 35% being male. Additionally, the ethnicity results showed a majority of White Biritsh, which was around 60%, with the other 40% being made up of various ethnicities, White European, Asian, Mixed and African.

A majority of people (66.7%) use the internet mainly for socialising, on sites such as Facebook, Myspace etc. The second most popular reason for mainly using the internet was listening to music (16.7%), followed by Research/Homework (13.3%). With just 1 out of 30 (3.3%) using the internet mainly to watch videos. This suggests that advertising on sites such as Facebook and other social networking sites would be the best place to raise awareness for my campaign.

I also found that most people use the internet for between 10-14hours a week, a large proportion also used it for 15+hours a week. Out of the 30 surveyed, 17 have previously visited a charity/campaign website, and 13 hadn't. Additionally only 14 of the 17 answered the question "What campaign/charity site in particular has stood out to you?" Most answered Cancer Research or NSPCC.

More people were unsure or disagreed with the statement that they regularly give to charity, than agreed with it. Suggesting that not everyone is likely to donate to charity, or the people were unsure because it depends on the sentiment of the charity to them.

Around 63% of people were more likely to support a charity if it was face to face, as opposed to online. When asked to rate the likeliness of the person visiting a sexual health awareness campaign, with 1 being the likeliest and 5 being the unlikeliest, the average rating was 3, however the majority voted for 2. Of those surveyed 70% of people would confide in a friend if they had a problem regarding sexual health, 17% would confide in a doctor, 13% a parent, and none with a teacher.

Shockingly, 60% answered "haven't really looked" when asked if they feel their is enough information available online about staying healthy sexually. Out of the rest, 30% felt that there is enough information, and just 10% felt that there isn't enough.

Graphs Displaying some Results:

What do you mostly use the internet for?

How many hours per week do you spend online?

Would you be more likely to support a campaign if it was...

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Internet Usage Survey

I have created a survey to find out how my target audience use the internet. I used to do this, and plan to email this survey to 30 people for feedback. Below is the survey that I have created, consisting of ten questions. This feedback that I receive will help me to improve and work on my ideas.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Target Audience

The website that I will be designing will have a wide demographic and will be mainly aimed at people between the ages of 14 and 24. From my survey that I conducted I found that the people most likely to visit a Sexual Health Campaign website were between these ages. The main purpose of my website is to inform people on how to stay healthy sexually, and offer information on how to seek help, and what to look out for. It is important that I make my website accessible and appeal to my target audience otherwise they would be unlikely to visit.

As my website is a charity website, it relies largely on donations to keep itself running. A target audience of 14-24 is very suitable for receiving donations as people in this age bracket would be earning and would therefore be likely to have a reasonable income, some of which they would donate for a special cause.

Although my website is looking for donations, it is also trying to achieve its main purpose which is to help people. Therefore my target audience would be social classes A, B, C1 and C2, as the help offered would be adapted so that it is suitable for everyone. The target audience will also most likely be students, at either school or university and also people in employment.

People within this group of 14-24 year olds would be a variety of ethnicities as sexual health could be an issue to anyone, so it is important that I ensure my information is suitable for all ethnicities and that there is a balanced representation of this within my website.

As sexual health, for some, can be a very boring issue, I will work hard to make sure that my site is appealing for my entire target audience, so that they read the information and are likely to revisit my charity if they have an issue with their sexual health. I will try and achieve this by using different colours, and presenting the information in a simple and easy way to read, but I will also make it interesting to engage the wide demographic.

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Research into Web Hosting and Domain Name Registration

Once a website has been created, it is important to think about how it will be distributed and reach the target audience. To get a website running properly you have to use web domain and web hosting. I found out that it was important to research into web hosting and web domain, as it allowed me to get a better understanding, and also to find the correct web host and web domain that is suited best to my requirements.

What is web hosting?

I researched into web hosting, as I would need a web host to host my website. Web hosting allows individuals and organisations to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web (www). Web hosts provide a space on their server usually for a fee, which provides the website with internet connectivity, allowing people to access the site, and the pages and information on it via the web hosts server. There are many different types of web hosting servers ranging from free hosting to high end hosting servers offering a large amount of space on the server for a cost.

I took a look at some of the different web hosts that were on offer, and the cost of each. I feel that I would go for a mid-priced host, but not a free host, or a very expensive host. This is because for my charity organisation, spending lots of money on an expensive host would be unnecessary and not beneficial to the organisation. Additionally a free web host would mean that there would be a lack of functions that the website can do, as opposed to a web host that costs. One particular host that stood out to me while researching was which offers web hosting from £1.95 a month, an offer price compared to the usual £4.95. I feel that this website offered very cheap hosting but also had lots of different functions available; this would be the web host that I would use for my site.

What is a domain name?

A domain name is also needed for the website; the domain name is the web address, usually ending in or .com. The web domain is an extra cost, and is usually offered by the web host that you are using. The web domain can be used with your web host, providing that no one is already using your chosen domain, and people can then access your site by typing in your domain, and they will be took straight there.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Website Research Findings

I found many conventions when researching into different campaign websites, this helped me greatly. One of the main conventions I found on all sites was the formal approach taken. As the campaigns are all looking at sexual health, which is a serious issue, they have a very formal tone, using few different colours together creating an overall plain and neutral website. I felt that this tone and colour scheme convention would work well for my website so I decided to stick to this and follow it. 

Another convention that I found them all to follow is the inclusion of images of doctors on the homepage, this adds to the professionalism and helps to reassure the audience that their problems can be solved by visiting their local friendly GP, I feel it is important to include this in my site when we begin to make it, as it helps to reassure the audience. 

Most of the websites also include a list of different STD's with sub-pages for each so that you can read about the disease, the treatment and also look up symptoms. I feel this is very important to include as it would be one of the main reasons for the audience to visit and look at our website. The sites are constructed to represent all ethnicites, sexualities, genders and people of all ages, this is so that the campaign can help everyone, although there are some, which I didn't look at that are targeted for teen sexual health. 

In conclusion there are many conventions, which I intend to follow to create a conventional sexual health campaign which will be able to benefit many.