Saturday, 10 December 2011

How does your media product represent particular social groups?

The media product that I have created represents a demographic that is between the teenage and young adults age range, roughly around 14-24 years old. Within this demographic, the social classes represented are A, B, C1 and C2. Additionally, both genders are approached, as are all sexualities within this demographic. Different ethnicities are represented, which is something I have found on similar sites that I have looked at.

The way that my site has been constructed reflects who the people are that will benefit most from my site. This is done through the approach taken. A non-authoritarian mode of address is taken, which makes the audience feel at ease with the site and as if it is trying to help and not tell them that what there doing is wrong. This gives the feel that the people giving information on the site are more like a friend, than a parent figure, which is very important considering only 13% of people surveyed would confide in a parent with regards to sexual health. On the main page to my site, it says ‘sexual activity is common at almost every stage of life’. This makes the audience feel as if it is normal, and that there not wrong for doing so. This would appeal to the particular social group as they can relate to it, and it gives them the help they need in the way that the majority of them would want it.

Additionally the photographs used represent hedonistic teenagers and young adults, as one picture shows two teenage girls at a party drinking, a situation that can be related to by the audience. Again representing the particular social group, who are having a good time and do not want to be told what they’re doing is wrong, but just want help on how to say safe. The photographs on the contraception page are also very non-authoritarian, as they show ways in which to keep safe, whilst still doing what you want to do.

Unlike some other websites, that show pictures of what can happen if you don’t stay safe, that both shock and scare the audience as the image makes them not want it to happen to them, the approach taken makes them realise how easy it is to stay safe, and prevent any STDs.

The language used is also very representative of the particular social group as it is informal, although medical terms are used when necessary, this again appeals to them as informal language can be seen by the particular group as a put off.

In conclusion I feel that my media product represents particular social groups, through the language, images, approach taken, and consideration for different ethnicities and sexualities.

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