Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Website Research Findings

I found many conventions when researching into different campaign websites, this helped me greatly. One of the main conventions I found on all sites was the formal approach taken. As the campaigns are all looking at sexual health, which is a serious issue, they have a very formal tone, using few different colours together creating an overall plain and neutral website. I felt that this tone and colour scheme convention would work well for my website so I decided to stick to this and follow it. 

Another convention that I found them all to follow is the inclusion of images of doctors on the homepage, this adds to the professionalism and helps to reassure the audience that their problems can be solved by visiting their local friendly GP, I feel it is important to include this in my site when we begin to make it, as it helps to reassure the audience. 

Most of the websites also include a list of different STD's with sub-pages for each so that you can read about the disease, the treatment and also look up symptoms. I feel this is very important to include as it would be one of the main reasons for the audience to visit and look at our website. The sites are constructed to represent all ethnicites, sexualities, genders and people of all ages, this is so that the campaign can help everyone, although there are some, which I didn't look at that are targeted for teen sexual health. 

In conclusion there are many conventions, which I intend to follow to create a conventional sexual health campaign which will be able to benefit many.

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